Top 5: Monster Manual 2

My top 5 creatures from the recently released  Dungeons and Dragons 4E Monster Manual 2

#5: Myoconids. Living mushrooms, old school and low level, gotta kill them all. And how nice of them to constantly share any damage done to them with the other Mushroom Men.

#4: Bullywug. Humanoid frogs destroying the environment. Classic critter with some interesting mechanics attached.

#3: Ant, Giant. If old movies are to believed, apparently an atomic bomb must have gone off! Planning an adventure for my kids, and I think a collection of giant insects and similar cretures will be fun. Too bad I couldn’t find any toy ants this weekend.

#2: Rust Monster. Ok, maybe I like the classics too much, but I was happy to see this creature make a return. I know some don’t agree, but I think the workings of the rusting ability will work well.

#1: Geonid. This one is totally new to me, which is part of the reason it made it all the way to #1. Another one I can’t want to see in play, a boulder becomes an enemy without notice, a mouthful of glowing purple crystals trying to grab onto the characters.

Like my own gaming style, this list leans towards the lower level creatures. Some others that jumped out at me: Iron Dragon, Earth Archons, Behir Bolter Whelp, Centipedes, Darkmantle, Gnaw Demon, Drakes, Frost Giant, Goblin Acolyte of Maglubiyet, Oozes! and Tomb Spider.

Overall a great variety of creatures, though I wish there’d been a kobold or two tossed in.

Safe travels,


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  1. Paul says:

    This is just me testing my own comment system. Hope you enjoy.

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