Do your dice say "Rawr! I'm a Monster?" Mine do!

Got my Monster Dice from Maow Miniatures recently. I ordered them online from a site called

Here is a picture of them all together:

Maow Miniatures Monster Dice Set

And here’s a link to a set of Flickr pictures with individual photos as well: Maow Miniatures Monster Dice Photo Set

They look really cool, though I’m a little worried about painting them because the detail is very fine, and I haven’t painted in a few years. I’m going to try and pick up some paints next Saturday (June 20th) when I go to Free RPG Day.

I’m still debating which one to paint first. I’m especially fond of the ones I’ve called ‘Monster’ (the flat face), ‘Beholder’ (the big eye), and ‘Mouth’ (the big mouth). I’m leaning towards painting Mouth first because it’s the deepest carving, and I think it will be most forgiving if my hand isn’t as steady as it should be. Though I expect the eyes (located in 2 of the pips on the die) to cause trouble for me.

I tried rolling the dice, and the carvings as expected throw the weight off, so while they will roll, I suspect if you were to chart their rolls you would find that they are not truly random. Though they will look pretty cool sitting in front of you next time you’re sitting down to play Dungeons and Dragons.

More updates and photos as the project progresses.

Safe travels,


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