Get your Free RPG here!

Ok, so not ‘Here’, not even now, but tomorrow (June 20th) at your local gaming store as part of FreeRPGDay.

Participating stores will be giving out free products from Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Goodman Games, Q-Workshop, White Wolf, Mongoose, and more (click for a full list of participating companies and the products to be given away).

Top 5 items I’m anticipating and hoping to get:

#5: Mongoose Publishing: Introduction to Dragon Warriors. I had heard of this game before, but never read or played it, so I’m curious to take a peak.

#4: Goodman Games: 4th Edition Hero’s Handbook: Immortal Heroes. Goodman Games always puts out good products.

#3: Paizo: Pathfinder Bonus Bestiary. Always love some new monsters.

#2: Q-Workshop: Unique die. I recently got a set of their dice, and they are beautiful.

#1: WOTC: Khyber’s Harvest Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Adventure. I’m a big fan of Eberon.

I’ll be going to the Portsmouth, VA branch of Atlantis Games and Comics. I’ll probably only be there a short time, close to opening because the wife and kids will be with me (probably waiting in the car), but based on some email correspondence it sounds like they’ll be running the WOTC’s free Eberon adventure, Khyber’s Harvest and White Wolf’s Geist RPG starting around 2. That may change though, so I’d give them a call to check.

You can look for a store close to you here: Free RPG Day Store Listing

Expect pictures and brief reviews of whichever free products I manage to grab sometime tomorrow evening.

Enjoy, and safe travels,


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2 Responses to Get your Free RPG here!

  1. I hope you were able to get a copy of the Introduction to Dragon Warriors, and I hope you’re intrigued by what you find. If you couldn’t get one, or if you’ve got any comments or questions (and the sampler doesn’t do a terribly good job of explaining task resolution, I know), then drop me a line.

    James Wallis
    Magnum Opus Press

  2. PJStoneson says:

    Thanks! I did get a copy, though between yard work, and Father’s Day plans, not sure I’ll get to read it until later in the week. Definately appreciate the offer, and you stopping in to my site.


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