My Free RPG Day Haul

My 'Free RPG Day' Haul

My 'Free RPG Day' Haul

There’s the picture, if you read my previous post, you’ll see I basically got everything I was hoping for, plus the Paranoia: Citizen’s Guide to Surviving Alpha Complex, and 2 huge spider miniatures which the store had leftover from a Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures release tournament.

I arrived about 10 or 15 minutes before the store opened, and there was no one else waiting. By the time opening time came around there was one other player there, who was looking for the White Wolf Geist Quick Start Rules.

There was a bit of confusion, so they didn’t put out the free products right away, this gave me some time to look around. I’d already gotten the Eberron Player’s Guide and the Arcane Towers Dungeon Tile set, so I didn’t need anything specific. I did find a copy of Level Up issue 1, some Exacto knife blades, Captain America #600, a pack of Dangerous Delves miniatures (Aboleth Visible, Chimera rare), and a box for my son to store his Pokemon cards in. Because we waited patiently, the clerk gave me those two huge spider promos, and mentioned that there might be some others they might be able to find for me down the road.

Haven’t had a chance to really read through the free stuff, but I was glad to see the large Dungeon Tile that came with the the Khyber’s Harvest Adventure, though the tile might be a little adventure specific and it might have been cooler if they’d created some modular pieces.

I’ll try and have some breif reviews of the free products starting later this week.

Safe travels,


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    Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

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