Monstrous Personalities: Kobold in a Hole

Monstrous Personalities offers examples of non-combat encounters with monsters, creatures, and critters of the Dungeons and Dragons game.

This encounter can occur anywhere, outdoors or within a dungeon, as long as a kobold tribe lives nearby. The party hears the faint call of a high pitched voice calling for help. Tracing the source of the sound they come to a simple covered pit trap, and in the bottom of the pit stands a kobold chief, named Squirm. Squirm wears a brightly painted mismatched set of armor. Initially the kobold cowers at the appearance of the party, but as long as the party shows no hostility he opens up and speaks with the party.

If the party speaks with Squirm he explains the following: Recently a scout returned reporting the presence of a rival tribe near his tribe’s territory. Leading a small war party Squirm hoped to drive the rivals away, but instead he found himself in this trap. Luckily he suffered only minor injuries, unfortunately, it turns out that someone in his tribe had dug the trap specifically to trap him, for though the war party looked down and saw he was still alive, none even made an attempt to help him, and several appeared happy to see him in the pit.

Squirm wants the party to help him return to his tribe. While he now knows the tribe wants him gone, he doesn’t think they’ll take further direct action, because it is considered bad luck to kill a chief (especially by the chiefs), though apparently leaving one to die of starvation isn’t quite as much ‘bad luck’. He also believes when he returns, he can get help from his supporters, and he’ll be more aware should there be another attempt.

Depending on your plans, the encounter can conclude with the PCs accompanying Squirm to a point at the border of his tribe’s territory. If you’d like to turn this into an adventure, Squirm might try to convince the party to protect him until he can surround himself with tribe members he considers loyal.

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