DM Riches: Khyber's Harvest

DM Riches contain products, tools, resources, references, and other items I think you might find useful or entertaining.

Khyber’s Harvest is Wizards of the Coast’s contribution to the 2009 FreeRPGDay held back on June 20th. While this review will be brief, let me warn you now there will likely be a spoiler or two.

Khyber’s Harvest consists of a 32 page booklet, plus cover, and a 2-sided 8×10 dungeon tile.

Keith Baker designed this Eberron adventure for 2nd level characters.

The adventure consists of 10 encounters including 2 skill challenges, 1 trap, 6 combat (with some traps and hazzards included) and 1 encounter which “sets the mood of what is to come” and effects the outcomes of some later encounters. Though a little linear, this mix of encounter makes this adventure a nice introduction to Dungeons and Dragons.

The adventure also does a wonderful job of introducing the Eberron setting. Encounters are sprinkled liberally with many bits that I have come to associate with Eberron: Dolgrim, Dolgaunt, Dragonshards, a living spell.

I especially like the way several encounters mix combat with harzardous terrain and traps. Though there will still be plenty of direct combat, these encounters should help teach players to pay attention to their environment.

Also included are 5 player characters: Dwarven Paladin, Human Artificer, Half-elf Sorcerer, Kalashtar Invoker, and Warforged Fighter. If I were running the adventure I might re-create the characters in the Character Builder so players would have the cards for their powers.

I do have a couple of small quibbles, I’m worried the encounter with the living spell might be a little too difficult, and the same encounter includes a well of darkness, about which I’d like to have seen a little more explanation. The wells effects on vision are explained, but I’m curious whther it’s meant to be an actual well/pit, or just darkness welling up from the ground. My thought is the latter only because no mention is made of what might happen if players move or fall into the area of the well.

And the dungeon tile is done beautifully, a cavern of dragonshards on one side, with a more traditional tiled room on the back. Part of me wishes they’d done some modular pieces instead of these large rooms, but I know many folks like the larger tiles.

So overall a great product, even better because it was free.

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