Top 5: Eberron's Player's Guide – Items

Top 5 offers up some of my favorite things, frequently from a new Dungeons and Dragons book, but it could be the Top 5 anything.

When paging through my copy of the Eberron Player’s Guide several of the items, mundane and magical, jumped out at me, so I decided to share my 5 favorite items with you.

5) Identification Papers (p 96): A slightly silly choice, but thanks to Indiana Jones all I can think about is a group of PCs throwing an opponent off an airship, then hastily explaining “No papers” when the other passengers confront them.

4) Cutting Wheel (p 95): This weapon is a “bladed disk with a guarded handle on one side.” Just seems much more interesting than a simple dagger in the off-hand. I’m imagining it as a mechanical device so that something is actually driving the wheel, keeping it in spinning constantly.

3) Tethercord (pg 103): Keeps an enemy from moving more than 3 square from the square they are in when the tethercord is attached to them. Buy yourself a round or two of ranged attacks, or if things are going poorly buy yourself a round or two to make your get-away, just don’t hang around too long, because a save ends the tethering. Wonder if you can use it to keep from falling down a cliff?

2) Spiked Soles – Warforged Components (pg 115): Exactly what they sound like, small spikes pop out from the bottom of your feet. Bonus to climb checks, and can be used in combat to avoid being pushed, pulled, or slid.

1) Clockwork Bomb (pg 99): A mechanical box walking the battlefield set to explode in a number of rounds chosen by the box’s controller. A 1 in 6 chance of it blowing up each round adds a little suspense and a lot of fun. If you don’t like the mechanical aspect, describe it as a floating sphere made of crystal or stone with the same results and you can avoid the ‘steampunk’ flavor.

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