DM Briefing Room: DDI Compendium In Action

In previous posts I’ve mentioned a game I’m planning for my kids, and sang the praises of the Dungeons and Dragons Insider Compendium. Today we’ll combine the two.

I’m planning on using a collection of insects and related creatures in their first adventure. So I logged onto the Compendium and started doing some searches. Here’s a partial list of terms I searched for: spider, ant, beetle, stirge, worm, scarab, scorpion, wasp, bee, huge. For most of the searches I did ‘name only’ and set my level range to from 1 – 10, though in reality I focused my attention on creatures up to level 5.

Based on those searches I came up with this list of potential foes:

Fire Beetle (Lvl 1 Brute)
Stirge (Lvl 1 Lurker)
Stormclaw Scorpion (Lvl 1 Soldier)
Centipede Swarm (Lvl 2 Brute)
Blood Scarab (Lvl 3 Lurker)
Feyborn Ant Swarm (Lvl 3 Elite Skirmisher)
Stirge* (Lvl 3 Lurker)
Dire Stirge* (Lvl 5 Lurker)
Deathjump Spider (Lvl 4 Skirmisher)
Centipede Scuttler (Lvl 4 Skirmisher)
Carrion Crawler* (Lvl 4)
Giant Ant (Lvl 4 SKirmisher)
Stonetrap Scarab (Lvl 5 Soldier)
Tangler Beetle (Lvl 5 Controller)
Death Boar Level (6 Elite Brute)

You may note a couple oddities on the list. The items with an * are non-standard versions of published creatures, most of them coming from RPGA sources. I’m not sure I’ll use it, but seeing a Carrion Crawler set up at 4th level certainly will make me consider it.

And the Death Boar is definately not an insect, but I want to use a Huge Spider in the adventure, so I tried to find the lowest level huge creature to help me create a spider suitable for a low level adventure.

Overall I’ve got a nice collection of creatures to choose from. Not that I’ll use all of them, but it gives me a great base selection. Scarabs and scorpions make me thing about desert adventures, but I think I’ll use the scarabs and simply call them beetles, though I’ll probably skip the scorpions for now.

As I said, I’m planning this adventure for my kids, so our party will probably be a little short handed. Because of this I’d like to see a few more creatures in the level 1-3 range, so I’ll creat a few modified versions of spiders and ants, as well as that huge spider at level 4 or 5 to use in the final encounter.

When I create my final encounter list, and those custom critters I’ll post them here for your enjoyment and comments.

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