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DM Riches discusses products, tools, resources, references, and other items of use to the Dungeon Master.

Recently I’ve been trying to weed through my list of podcasts. I’ve been downloading far more than I could ever find time to listen to, so I want to share one of my ‘keepers’ with you today.

The Tome Show hosted by Jeff Greiner mixes commentary, reviews, and interviews for a very entertaining podcast. While recent episodes seem to focus on mostly Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition, he’s also covered Pathfinder, so I think it’s more a case of him talking about the things that grab his interest rather than a case of the show limiting itself to one edition or the other.

One feature of the show I’m especially fond of is his ‘character build’ segments where he sets out to work on a race/class combo and talks through the choosing of skills and powers for the build. In Episode 110 he performed this task on a human warlord with Wolfgang Baur. In the same way it is interesting to listen in to someone else’s game sessions through podcasts from RPG MP3, or WOTC, it is interesting to listen in on the thought processes as powers are weighed against each other and either selected or discarded.

Another nice feature of the podcast is that he seems to mix up the length of his podcasts. Of the most recent podcasts about 1/2 of them run run approximately 1 hour, while the other half are in the 10 – 30 minute range. While there’s nothing wrong with a long podcast, sometimes those shorter episodes are just right for filling a gap during a busy day.

I suspect many of you are already listening to The Tome Show, but if not, I really think you should give it a listen.

Most recent episodes:

The Tome Ep 110: Wolfgang Advice
The Tome Ep 109: Quintessential Wizard
The Tome Ep: 108 Dragonborn
The Tome Ep 107: Monster Manual 2
The Tome Ep 106: 4e One Year Later

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