DM Briefing Room: Giant Spider (Pt. 2)

Created using the DDI Monster Builder

Created using the DDI Monster Builder

DM Briefing Room provides a look into some of my personal ideas on game design.

When I posted the Giant Spider last week, I didn’t know just how close the DDI Monster Builder was to going live, so here’s a new version, almost identical to the last.  The only rules difference is the Monster Builder was smart enough to decrease the bonus on the ‘Bloodied Web’ to match the level of the creature, while I had left the bonus equal to that of the original creature from which I borrowed it from.

The other significant difference is that using the Monster Builder it took only about 10 minutes to create this version, while the one posted last week took 30 or 40 minutes, much of it simply tied up in the typing and formatting. Again I based my creature on the Deathrattle Viper, made a couple adjustments (size, speed, adding the Bloodied Web ability, removing the Deathrattle aura) and I had a finished creature.

There are certainly some issues to be worked out with the Monster builder, for example I didn’t see an easy way to put in immunities, and I had to manually enter the ‘free, when first bloodied’, which wasn’t difficult, but took an experiment or two before I managed to get it entered properly, at first I didn’t realize I could create an entry not included on the pull down menu, then I managed to enter it and have it clear itself out before finally getting it to stick.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to create a few more creatures and explore the Monster Builder further. I may even try another version of the Giant Spider based on an existing Huge Spider and see how the Monster Builder performs when making a fairly large change in levels to a creature.

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