Virtual GenCon

For those of you, like myself, staying home this weekend rather than heading to Indianapolis for “The Best Four Days in Gaming”, here are a couple ways to keep up with what’s going on at GenCon 2009 in Indianapolis. I’m providing a few links here, and if I expect I’ll add a link or two as the weekend progresses.


A number of Twitter users will be at the convention. I’m listing a few hear, but the best way to keep up will probably be searching for the #gencon hashtag, or simply doing a search for Gencon on Twitter. The only problem with this is that if the GenCon tag becomes popular there might be some spam to sort through.

Here are a few Twitter users who will be at GenCon, and who I feel comfortable saying won’t be posting spam, though don’t be too surprised to see them pimping some fun stuff they find at the convention.

@geeksdreamgirl She Tweeted from Origins earlier this year, and her in game posts are always a joy to read.

@AsmodeusLore Gets us our D&D news every day, and will be at GenCon (though he admits he won’t be tweeting much from the convention).

@InstantGameShow will be Tweeting and running trivia games via Twitter from GenCon.

@Annakie plans on Tweeting from GenCon.

@duneshadow will be Tweeting and blogging from GenCon! There are already a couple of pre-GenCon posts there for you to enjoy now.

@MindStormLabs: publishers of Alpha Omega role-playing game will be Tweeting and video blogging from GenCon. I’ll try and get a direct link to their videos when the post them.

@GenConGirl2009 will continue Tweeting about the BNW Interactive Show, and possibly other GenCon activities.

@TheD6Generation: I debated whether to put this here or the podcasts section, but since it sounds like they’ll be Tweeting rather than Podcasting from the convention I set them up here.


This Just In…From GenCon will be posting 2 podcasts a day from GenCon. They’ve already posted two pre-show podcasts. You can subscribe to their podcasts via iTunes, or get the directly from their web site.

RPG Haven podcast. Not sure if they’ll be at GenCon or not, but they’ve posted a “Not going to GenCon Special Episode”. They’ve got a few additions for my Twitter list above, but please visit them to see it. They’ve also got a list of new products being released at the convention, with links to the products so you can spend as much money from the comfort of your living room as you would if you were actually at the convention, or even more if you’d like since you didn’t have to buy a plane ticket!


Click HERE for a search for GenCon on Flickr will probably begin bearing fruit tomorrow or Thursday, though expect a few pictures of what people packed for the trips, or people in planes, trains, and automobiles* on the way to Indianapolis in the beginning before photos from the convention floor or game areas begin showing up.

Also, there is a group on Flickr called GenCon or Bust. Hopefully a few of these photographers will make it to the convention again this year and have some great pictures to share.

More to Come, and Things to Do:

I’m sure there’s more, as I find more I’ll either edit this post, or add a second Virtual GenCon post as things heat up at the convention.

And if you’re really sad about not being at the convention, sit down for a few hours and game, or take a look at the DDI Compendium which I’m told will be available even if you don’t subscribe for the 4 days of GenCon.

And as always, comments are welcome, especially if you’ve got something to share with those of us pining for GenCon.

*Rest in Peace John Hughes.

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