Virtual GenCon Part 2

With the whole Internet to search, I’ll probably never find all the GenCon coverage, but here are a couple more people and places to keep an eye on (You can see Pt. 1 of Virtual GenCon here):


@Gen_ConCan’t believe I forgot this one yesterday, the official GenCon twitter feed.

@davethegame Should have been on the initial post, hope he can forgive me for missing him. Based on a test I saw in his Twitter feed it looks like he may even try out some ‘AudioTweets’ from the convention!

@CriticalHits is the Twitter feed for DaveTheGame’s Web site.

@Bartoneus is the Twitter feed for Danny Rupp, another writer for the Critical Hits site.

@gnomestew is another multi-author gaming blog/Twitter feed with a presence in Indianapolis.

@DNAphil is one of the Gnome Stew writers and expects to be Tweeting from GenCon.

@ChattyDM is another Tweeting blogger. Also responsible for the #aboutmypc Twitter contest which you can participate in without going to GenCon! See details here.


The Hopeless Gamer: As of Wed. night this blogger already had posted some pictures from the Ram, a very gamer friendly bar/restaurant in Indianapolis.

RPG Bloggers Network: Not sure exactly how many of their bloggers will be at the convention, but keep an eye on their page and you’ll certainly see some news from Indianapolis. There’s already at least one GenCon article live there tonight.

Critical Hits. While they recommend following their Twitter accounts mentioned above, they hope to do get at least a couple blog posts up from GenCon.

Living Dice writer Trask will be going to GenCon for the first time and plans on updating from the convention with “extensive coverage in the following week”.


Pixels and Grids gaming website plans on doing some podcasts from the convention. I’m linking to their main page and hope to add direct links in a post a bit further into the convention. Here’s a post with a schedule of their intended recording schedule, and based on an email I received from James Jones they intend to post the podcasts “either the night they record them or early the next morning.” They’re also going to be “two live 15 minute recording sessions each day and immediately uploading them”.

Fear The Boot: I don’t have confirmation that they’ll be podcasting from the show, but they definitely plan on releasing some audio commentary they recorded on their way there, and their blog already has a link to some pictures from a pre-GenCon gathering.


Google’s Picasa photo albums will certainly see some GenCon photos posted. Here’s a link to a search for GenCon sorted by date so the most recent photos should show at the top. At this time the first photos are those from the Fear The Boot gathering mentioned above.

Expect another post or two with more links to GenCon coverage. And I hope you’re enjoying your Virtual GenCon experience.

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2 Responses to Virtual GenCon Part 2

  1. Use to track the #GenCon hashtag for the most info from the con.

    Also, is a twice-daily, straight-from-the-con podcast. Can’t beat that.

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