Virtual GenCon Pt 3

Perhaps this is a bit late, with GenCon ending today, but with Virtual GenCon there is no time limit! We can keep enjoying GenCon for weeks if we’d like. Some of these are repeats, now that GenCon is in swing, some of the searches mentioned ealier are now full of fun things to see, read, or listen to!


The #GenCon tag has been wonderfully informative and entertaining, take some time to give it a read.

To be honest, with the chaos of GenCon I thought the folks I was following might be a little quiet during GenCon, but they all did a marvelous job Tweeting from GenCon, keeping me informed and entertained!


Don’t think I mentioned either of these before, but they both did a great job of providing some convention coverage:

Temple Lion

RPG Blog II Links to lots of pictures too!


Flickr: Here’s the link to the GenCon search, sorted by date. I should have checked the count, I believe there have been about 1500 more results in the search now that when I looked at the begining of the convention.

Yfrog: This is a site people use to post pictures to the Twitter feeds. Here’s a GenCon search there.

Picasa: Don’t know if it is just me, but I’m not getting many ‘recent’ results on this, but here’s the link, since Virtual GenCon has no time limit.


This Just in From GenCon has posted 6 podcasts from GenCon as of this writing.

Pixels and Grids has posted 2 podcasts from GenCon as of this writing.

You can also subscribe to both podcasts using iTunes.

I’ll have some reaction to the news from GenCon over the next week or two as more is revealed by those returning from the convention.

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