Planning Stages: HomeCon

Inspired by my desire to be at GenCon, and my own attempts at creating a Virtual GenCon experience for myself I’m planning on doing a home based onvention for my family, and perhaps a few additional close friends.

For time time being I’m calling it ‘HomeCon’, with the motto, ‘There’s no place like HomeCon’. Basically a weekend of gaming and related activities. Here is a rough schedule for the weekend, though it is certainly subject to change between now and whenever I actually hold the convention (probably early November).

Friday 7:00 Party Mix: get in the kitchen and make a big batch of some version of trail/party mix that we can keep near the gaming table over the course of the weekend. Or provide a wide selection of ingredients and let everyone make they’re own custom mix.

Friday 8:00 PM Movie time. Family friendly fantasy themed movies each night. Current plan is to show “Willow” and the Bass/Rankins animated “Hobbit”. Not sure if it matters which is the Friday movie and which is for Saturday night.

Saturday: 8:00 AM Breakfast. All meals to be basic, perhaps casserols that I can make in advance and bake at the appropriate mealtime. I’ll try to come up with gaming related names for everyday foods. May also look to some Halloween party ideas for suitable ideas. Also, with the exception of breakfast I’m allowing 2 hours for meals so these periods will act as a bit of free time for my kids. While I want them to have a weekend of gaming, I recognize they’ll need some time that isn’t scheduled or planned in advance.

Saturday: 9-10 AM Board games. I would like to find something fantasy related, but perhaps just something like Clue Jr., or Blockus. I also need to check the Circus Maximus rules and see if kids could handle it, or perhaps a modified version of the rules.

Saturday: 10-11 AM Nintendo DS multi-player. We have several games which allow 4 or more players to be playing the same game at the same time using only 1 cartridge and the built in wi-fi. Mario Kart Racing, Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Party DS, StarFox, and probably a couple I’m forgetting about, or don’t realize can handle 4 or more players.

Saturday 11 AM – 1 PM: Lunch.

Saturday 1 PM – 4 PM D&D 4E Dungeon Delve – Low level, 3 encounters, opponents either giant bugs or kobolds (are those both the same??).

Saturday 4 PM – 6 PM Dinner.

Saturday 6 PM – 8 PM – Pokemon card game – need to reset them, but we own 3 or 4 ‘preconstructed decks’ that we can play at least one game of this.

Saturday 8 PM Movie Time

Sunday 8:00 AM Breakfast

Sunday 9 – 11 AM: Board Games/CardGames/or more Nintendo time. Basically a duplication of Saturday’s schedule, though possibly with different games.

Sunday 11 AM – 1 PM Lunch

Sunday 1 PM – 4 PM: D&D 4E: Kill the Dragon. Battle a gargantuan dragon.

Sunday 4 PM – Dinner/Closing ceremonies. I’ll probably spend between $20 and $40 for some Pokemon cards, D&D minis, or other similar items and pass them out as prizes for the weekend. The awards will likely not be too serious, probably just categories made up based on the events of the weekend. Something like “Rolled the Most 1s against the Dragon”, “Silliest Gamer”, “First to Fall Asleep During the Movies”, etc.

I want to design a logo for the even, perhaps to put on some buttons, or t-shirts depending on cost, but also to use on some banners and fliers to post around the house to add to the convention feel.

Maybe I’ll even pass out some poker chips and make them pay me outrageous prices for meals, and send everyone to the bathroom at the same time so everyone must wait in line.

And just so I give credit where credit is due, part of my inspiration for this is Gwendolyn Kestrel and Andy Collins ‘GwenCons‘. Not sure if they’re still hosting them, but you can see some summaries of these events at his web page. According to one page, they had 80 people over the course of one of their GwenCons, but my aim is to server somewhere between 4 and 10 people. It’s primarily aimed at my wife and kids, but I’ll probably invite my niece and nephew, and others who I think might be interested.

Please leave comments!

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2 Responses to Planning Stages: HomeCon

  1. Brilliant idea! Would love to know how that goes. Might do this for my own group; we have quite a few folks who stop in for occasional sessions, and I think a “HomeCon” planned well in advance could bring in almost all of them.

  2. PJStoneson says:

    Yes, I think this would be a great idea even for a group of gamers. Even better perhaps since you’ll have folks who can run different games, where for this event I’m focused on things I can run for my kids.

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