Top 5: Adventurer's Vault 2

Wizards of the Coast: Adventurer's Vault 2

Wizards of the Coast: Adventurer's Vault 2

A book full of magic items, and I have to choose just 5!

These are the 5 items I think are coolest/neatest/most interesting in Adventurer’s Vault 2. As far as the rules go, you might think them horribly underpowered, or perhaps so overpowered they smell of cheese, but I love the concept behind them.

5) Songbow of Summoning (pq 22): As a daily power if you hit an enemy with a bard power any allies within 5 of you, or that enemy can teleport to a square adjacent to the enemy as a free action. Get everyone to dogpile on a powerful foe, or target an enemy near the edge of a losing battle to speed up a retreat.

4) Door Warden (pg 80): This talking door ornament toughens the door it is placed on, and controls when the door does, or does not open. Talking doors are such a classic bit of fiction it’s great to see them written up in rules. Or create the old puzzle using two doors and two wardens, one speaking only lies, one only truth, and see if your players can choose the proper door.

3) Immurements (pg 88-91): I’m cheating a bit here, and on my next 2 picks. I can’t pick just one of these, the whole concept is so interesting. They’re designed for a higher level of play than my usual games, but the idea of suddenly moving to battle to a new battlefield excites me. I may have to work on a version more suitable to lower level play.

2) Fortune Stones (pg 133): The idea seems simple, a number of stones, each of which allows you a reroll on a specific type of attack as a daily power. The neat thing is that once at least 2 members of the party have one of these stones, you get a +N bonus to the reroll where N is the number of party members possessing a stone. And once five party members own a stone, everyone with a stone gets +2 to initiative and +1 to saving throws.

1) Tattoos of Bond (pg 85-86): And three in a row where I can’t choose a specific item, but love the concept so much that the section makes it on this list. The repeating theme of the Tattoos of bond is: If X happens to one person with a Tattoo of Bond, everyone with a Tattoo of Bond can do/gets Y. Like the fortune stones, I love this because it gives benefit to more than one member of the party, and encourages some unity in the group. Who wants to be the one party member without a stone/tattoo?

What are your favorite items in the book?  Leave your comments below please.

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