Looking ahead to 2010 (WOTC)

This would have been a ‘5 Most Awaited Products of 2010’ post, but I realized that 3 of the 5 slots would be taken up by the Players Handbook 3, Dungeon Masters Guide 3, and Monster Manual 3. So while I am looking forward to those products, here are a few others that I can’t wait to lay my hands on (in no particular order). I’ve focused on Wizards of the Coast products here, and will have a post of non-WOTC posts next week.

Players Handbook Races: Dragonborn: I’m not neccesarily a huge fan of Dragonborn, but I do like the idea of WOTC bringing out some lower cost handbooks with a tight focus. May not pick up every book in the series, but I’ll certainly pick up this first offering and if it delivers I’ll be picking up versions for some of my favorite races.

Hammerfast: A Dwarven Outpost Adventure Site: Another product coming in at a slightly lower pricepoint. Add to that the fact that it’s about Dwarves, and I’ll almost certainly be picking up a copy of this.

Harrowing Halls: While I’ve written here about free printable dungeon tiles, I still love the tiles put out by WOTC. I think they’re generally gorgeous, and their heavy stock makes them quite durable.  This set is especially exciting because they’re adding in some 3D elements.

Tomb of Horrors: Always enjoy seeing how they update this classic in new editions. Though I don’t pick up many adventures I will be buying this.

Dark Sun: I didn’t pick up the 4E Forgotten Realms Campaign setting, but I will be picking up Dark Sun books. While I love traditional fantasy setting, I’m even more interested in seeing how they handle some of less ‘standard’ mechanics of this setting.

I know there will be products in the second half of the year that are equally interesting, and of course I’ll be picking up at least a few booster packs of the various miniature releases, but these products are the ones I’m most looking forward to seeing.

What products are you looking forward to in 2010?  Please, leave a comment.

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