Looking ahead to 2010 (The Other Guys)

As a follow-up to last week’s list of WOTC releases I’m looking forward to, here are a few products from other publishers I’m looking forward to.  Because we’re about half way into January at least one of these items may already have hit the shelves.   As with my WOTC list, this is in no particular order:

1) Crime Pays from Goodman Games.  I love playing city based games, and the underworld is always important element of those sessions or campaigns.  Hoping to see find some good ideas to borrow from this one. 

2) GameMastery Flip-Mat: Prison from Paizo.  Perhaps this fits in with Crime Pays, a good prison break scenario, either with the PCs as prisoners, or breaking someone else out of the prison. 

3) Dragon Age: The RPG.  So much chatter about this game.  I haven’t even played the computer version.  I doubt I’ll pick this up, but I hope to get a chance to take a look at it. 

Anything you would reccomend I get a look at?  Please leave a comment.

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