Virtual Gen Con 2010

It’s time for Gen Con, and once again I’ll be far from Indianapolis so I’ll be using the Internet to keep up with the activity from the comfort of my home, and once again I’m going to try to share a few links so you can do the same. 


Probably the best way to keep up with GenCon over Twitter is to search for the #GenCon tag.  I expect I’ll keep a tab open in my browser for this almost constantly.  In addition to brief updates from the convention, there will probably be tons of links to online coverage as it appears.  You can also try the unhashed version for those who forget to tag their tweets.

In addition, here are a couple of folks I’ll be following who plan on Tweeting from Gen Con. 

WilW : Wil Wheaton…um…don’t think I need to explain who Wil is though perhaps a mention of Star Trek: The Next Generation, or w00tstock will refresh a few memories.

ChattyDM : blogger for Critical Hits.

excitesme : Mike Bohlmann of

KoboldQuarterly : Wolfgang Baur, aka monkeyking of Kobold Quarterly and Open Design. 

PurplePawn : Game news sight PurplePawn.

SagesofRPG : Gaming group from Portsmouth, NH 


This Just in From Gencon will be offering podcasts from Gen Con again this year, and have already posted a pre-GenCon podcast. 

Pixels and Grids did a couple podcasts and had some posts from Indianapolis last year and it looks like they’ll be there again this year.

Wandering Geek Podcast plans on posting daily episodes of Gen Con RAW in their podcast feed. will be running a number of panels and posting some of these and possibly some interviews, and will be recording ‘shoutouts’ from Gen Con attendees at their booth.


Sages of RPG: a new blog dedicated to promoting face to face gaming. 

Critical Hits: ChattyDM above says he’ll be blogging, and several other writers for the site will be there also, so hopefully we’ll get some additional posters as well. 

KoboldQuarterly: Expect to see a couple posts here over the weekend, and take a few minutes to read all the great ‘My First Gen Con’ articles posted there over the past few weeks.   


NeonCon is providing a live stream from the floor at Gen Con!  Announcement here.  View the stream here, here, here, or here.  Coverage starts 10 AM on Thursday August 5th (date changed due to error in original announcement).  I’m very excited about this, and hope it works well so we’ll see similar coverage in the future.  I wish I could watch every moment, but I do have a job and a family, so I’ll be watching as much as I can.


Yes, there’s bound to be more, and that means there will probably be a part 2, so keep an eye on my Twitter feed to find out when I get it posted.   And if you’ve got a site you’d like included in part 2, take a moment to leave a comment!

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