Virtual Gen Con Part 2

Been having a great time following Gen Con from home and office, thought I’d point out a couple additional resources:


Here I’m mentioning some specific posts I’ve read and enjoyed, but these sites may make additional posts before the weekend is over. 

Geek’s Dream Girl :  She and some other bloggers got to play the upcoming Castle Ravenloft board game on Wednesday before Gen Con and she’s already posted a review.  

Blog of Holding : Posted some highlights from the WOTC Design and Development Panel which was held on Thursday.


YouTube : There are already some videos from this year’s Gen Con showing up on YouTube.  The link should show up with the most recent uploads first. 

NeonCon : I’m mentioning them again here because their live stream has been a blast so far.  Here’s a link to their YouTube as well, because I believe they intend on posting their videos there, though probably not until after the convention.

Beasts of War: Is posting some great looks at products on the Gen Con Dealer hall. 


The Tome Show : Has the WOTC Design and Development seminar released as a 2 part podcast (only first part up as I write this, but keep your eyes open for Pt. 2).


Flickr : How did I forget that one?  Lots of users posting Gen Con pics.  Link takes you to the Gen Con search, sorted to show most recent first.

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