Reasons I Wish I'd Been at Gen Con

Waiting to Attack by Daniel M. Perez. Click on image to visit his blog.

I missed another Gen Con, but I kept my ears and eyes on Indianapolis thanks to the Internet.  Based on that news, here are the top things I wish I’d seen at Gen Con 2010. 

Ravenloft Board Game:  Budget is tight, and I’ll probably hold out for the fantasy themed Wrath of Ashardalon, but I wish I’d been able to see a demo of this game.  The board game sounds like an extreme rules light take on the Dungeons and Dragons rules, so my kids and I will probably enjoy it.  

Wil Wheaton: Geek royalty traveled to Gen Con, and I was not there to experience it.  On occasion, I’ve dropped Wil a note about something in gaming or geek culture that I thought he might find interesting and  he’s usually taken the time to drop a note in response.  I would have loved the opportunity to thank him for his contributions to the community, and to contribute at least 1 die to his ‘You can never have too many dice’ experiment. 

Fiasco: Because my actual gaming time is limited these days, I focus on Dungeons and Dragons.  That said, it would have been fun to get in on a session of Fiasco and try it out.  In fact, getting to try out and play new games, or just games you haven’t played much before, is probably the best thing about going to Gen Con or any gaming convention. 

Fantasy Flight Games:  Perhaps due to price, I’ve never looked closely at their board game, but looking at the photos coming back from Gen Con makes me realize I really should be paying closer attention to their releases, and find a place for at least one of their beautiful games on my shelves. 

Neoncon: Perhaps if I’d been at Gen Con this wouldn’t have been as important to me, but having watched much of Gen Con through the eyes of Jules (@d10again) and Doug (@NeonCon), I really wish I’d had the chance to meet them.  With luck, maybe someday I’ll get to see them at their own convention in Vegas.   

Games and People: I could name names and name games of people I would have loved to have met and gamed with at Gen Con, but I’d surely forget someone.  Based on my past experiences at Gen Con, even more important than product news and purchases is the chance to hang out and play games with a variety of people, both friends and strangers.

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