Gamer Riches: Dragonchow Dice Bags

Teeny Tiny Dice Bag

Blue Flame/Black Teeny Tiny Dice Bag from Dragon Chow

Like many gamers I have far more dice than I probably need, most of which currently reside in a large beer stein (no beer, just dice).  Over the years I’ve owned a number of dice bags, but for some reason I no longer have any of them.  Through Twitter I’d been following a number of people who spoke highly of bags made by @geekylyndsay, so I decided to buy a bag from her site:

The website offers dice bags in a variety of  fabrics including things like Batman logos, colorful flames, pebbles, aliens, and more, or you can get a custom dice bag.  Lindsay contructs each bag from two different fabrics in such a way that the bags are reversible.   The square bottom design allows them to stand on the table, even when empty. While most of her bags sit on a 4″ x 4″ base,  the day I went shopping for a bag she had a 1.5″ x 1.5″ based Teeny Tiny Dice Bag available in a blue flame/black fabric combination.  Because I do most of my gaming at home I decided to go with the Teeny Tiny Dice bag which sounded like it was perfectly sized for a single set of dice, plus a couple extra d20’s for those occasions when I travel to the game store for a game (always need to have an extra d20 or 2 in case one starts to misbehave). 

The dice bag arrived swiftly, in almost exactly 1 week and I was quite impressed.  The dice bag looked, and performed exactly as advertised.  My wife does some quilting, and other sewing projects around the house, so I checked out the stitching and it looked clean and tight.  In addition my order came with a hand written thank you note.  While in the scheme of things, almost every company in the gaming world is a small business, the quality of the work and the personal touches really impressed me.  

If you’re in the market for a dice bag, I definitely recommend taking a look at Dragon Chow’s products.   

To view more pictures of my Dragon Chow dice bag click here.

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