A to Z Blogging Challenge: D

D is for Devils and Demons

So many D’s to choose from! And here I am picking two of them that are likely to get me into trouble, but I feel like I have to say it. I hate Demons and Devils.

When I was young, I think I avoided them because it just seemed like an obvious target for those who already thought the game morally questionable, or a bad influence. While worries about what others might think have faded, I guess my early experience meant I never became interested in the background information and the conflict between the two races, and so even now that aspect of the game still doesn’t interest me.

In addition, while there are certainly some cool looking demons and devils, they frequently seem like excuses to put everything, including the kitchen sink into a single creature.

That being said, some of them truly do look cool, and so I will use them in a game. In that case I usually give them origins of a magical nature, the fantasy version of a mad scientist’s experiment, leaving their infernal roots and history behind.

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