A to Z Blogging Challenge: F

F is for Frogs

Plagues of frogs, royalty turned into frogs, frogs as witches’ familiars. Always a part of myths and legends, frogs and related creatures featured prominently in some of my early adventures, so they hold a special place in my heart.

Bullywugs, Slaad, Blindheim, Giant Frogs, Ice and Fire Toads, and more made great opponents in my early games as player and dungeon master.

At a time where many of the humanoids in my low-level, low magic campaign fought with few tactics, it was always fun to change things up by bringing out some version of the frog-men that could instantly jump from one side of the battlefield to the other.

And what player doesn’t love having their character swallowed by a giant frog laying in ambush?

So while other creatures may have been more deadly, frogs have always brought a little extra entertainment to the game. Or maybe it’s just something held over from my childhood that makes me grin a bit knowing there’s a frog miniature in my pocket.

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