A to Z Blogging Challenge: H is for Huge

H is for Huge!

They say size doesn’t matter, but no matter what the strength of the opponent, it is always a little more impressive when the foe significantly out-sizes the player characters.

In the early days, miniatures that were larger than average could be a bit more expensive, and most of the truly huge miniatures were dragons. Even today, Huge miniatures cost more than their average sized counterpart, but the recently canceled line of pre-painted miniatures provided us with a nice selection of huge miniatures. Dragons, giants, spiders, bullette, rocs, treants, tyrannosaurus rex and even a trebuchet!

Many may think miniatures are an unnecessary part of the game, but I’ve been using them since my very first game as a player and think they add greatly to the game. No matter what the size, every campaign has certain miniatures that draw responses from the players. It could be a creature they dread facing because it is a tough opponent, or a NPC that makes them grin because of its personality. Even if they’ve never seen the miniature before a huge miniature can make them nervous about the outcome of the upcoming encounter.

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