A to Z Blogging Challenge: J is for Jokes!

J is for Jokes!

The average Dungeons and Dragons adventure is meant to be fairly serious. The Player characters are heroes setting out to right wrongs and battle evil. But while the adventures are serious, the average game session has more than a little humor at the game table.

Quotes and one liners from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and other films, inside jokes from previous adventures are all common. The trick is not letting the silliness get out of hand. Some groups like to set aside a bit of time at the beginning of the session to let players get things out of their system before getting into the game, others simply play along and go along with the playfulness as it arises. I’ve always walked the middle ground, though sometimes it is hard to keep things from getting out of hand.

Every group has to find its own balance between time spent gaming, and socializing, and if you’re group is having fun with a less adventure, and more kibitzing, there’s nothing wrong with it. The trick is to make sure that everyone is having a enjoying themselves, because if even one player is upset about the way things are going, there’s a possibility it could lead to problems at the table.

Just make sure you know how your players feel about how the game is going, and try to find a happy medium for all, because while the game may be the reason to get together, the important thing isn’t how you play the game, but that you have a good time playing it.

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