A to Z Blogging Challenge: K is for Kingdom

K is for Kingdom

I’ve never been good at running political games. Just never handled the interaction of numerous factions at once with a deft hand. Even when I tried something of a more subtle nature it was usually fairly obvious who the good and bad guys were.

Even though I was never good at it, it always interested me that the early Greyhawk game materials included lots of references to what kind of things each kingdom produced, what kinds of things they needed to import. While for me they just showed what merchandise would be on the roads moving back and forth, this information weaved the kingdoms together, no matter how bad the relations between two nations were, there was always something they needed from each other.

While I’ve learned to be a little more subtle in my storylines, I still lean a little more towards dungeon delves than political intrigue. But now I appreciate those lists of products as something more than just lists of the loot to be found if you were guarding, or raiding a caravan.

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