A to Z Blogging Challenge: P is for Pig Faced Orcs

P is for Pig Faced Orcs

All right, we avoided O is for Orcs, but there are two reasons I couldn’t resist giving in today. First, I’m currently working on painting a set of 9 pig faced orcs miniatures from Otherworld Miniatures. Second, the classic pig faced orcs miniatures were an opponent to be feared early in some of the earliest Dungeons and Dragons Games I played in.

The truth is, I don’t know if the pig faced orcs were much more powerful than the other orcs we faced in those games, but when the pig faced miniatures hit the table, myself and the other players all seemed to lean in closer to the table and pay closer attention to the game. Perhaps it was simply our imagination, just as with lucky streaks with the dice, perhaps we just imagined that the DM rolled better when he was rolling for the pig faced orcs, or perhaps their bonuses were a little better, those pig faced orcs just seemed more dangerous.

For some reason, I never managed to get any of the pig faced orcs when they were originally released. The DM owned the game store, and I suspect he didn’t want anyone else having them, though I remember him giving away one or two painted versions, but he never seemed to have any in stock. A year or two back I heard about Otherworld Miniatures releasing a line of the pig faced orc miniatures and I knew I’d have to get some. It’s actually been quite a while since I painted any miniatures, but I decided I’d start back with these. Hopefully next month I can do a follow up and show you the finished paint jobs, but here’s an in progress view:

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