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Early last week, Wizards of the Coast officially announced they were working on the next edition of Dungeons and Dragons.  Like many, the news got me very excited, though I don’t play as much as I did in 2E and 3E days, I still love the game.

Seems like the Internet had been filled with rumors of a new edition ever since the Essentials line was announced.  I tried to ignore most of that.   Though when Monte Cook returned to WOTC a few months ago, I began to think they truly were beginning to work on something.   Even with my suspicions, I didn’t expect a public announcement to occur until closer to GenCon.

WOTC hasn’t announced a release date yet for the new edition, heck, they haven’t even announced a name.  I suspect it will wind up simply being “Dungeons and Dragons” in an attempt to unify the community…

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