More Than Just a Basic Attack

With all this talk about ideas for the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons, the following idea popped into my mind.

Instead of needing a specific power to create different conditions the rules for causing these conditions should be offered within the condition itself. For example, in addition to the effects of being prone, it might include the text: To trip opponent: Attack vs. Dexterity at -2 to hit, -1W Damage.

In addition to this base method of causing your opponent to be prone, there might be feats, or weapons properties that eliminate the penalties involved. For example, bolos and whips might have the Trip property which removes the to hit penalty when making Trip attempts. Bludgeoning weapons might be effective when trying to daze your opponents, while spells with the Light descriptor might work well when trying to blind opponents. Force based spells might add a push effect by giving up all or some of the spells damage.

This would not replace or eliminate powers, but allow more variety to basic attacks.

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2 Responses to More Than Just a Basic Attack

  1. This sounds like a pretty cool idea that has some merit. I am interested to see what finally comes out of D&DN. Hopefully it will be at least this cool.

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