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Other than a mention of Dungeons and Dragons in my B is for Bucket List post, I haven’t spoken much about gaming yet during this challenge. So here’s a list of 5 6 games I’d like to play sometime soon!

1) Pathfinder. I picked up the Pathfinder Beginner Box last year, and it is still in its shrink. Want to rip it open and get the kids playing one Saturday. While I like D&D 4E, I’m interested in seeing what Paizo has done with their take on the D&D 3.5 system.

2) Munchkin.  This card game is so popular, I think I might have to turn in my geek membership if I don’t actually play it. Core set is a fantasy based “kill the monster, take the treasure” card game with a humorous slant and art by John Kovalic.

3) Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Latest version of a Marvel…

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