S is for Steve Jackson Games

Back in my K is for Kickstarter post, I mentioned the Ogre Designer’s Edition project from Steve Jackson Games. I’ve been watching the project closely and it has gained far more support than I imagined. As I type this, the project has almost $650,ooo in support pledged, and appears to be on the way to the $700,000 mark.

In addition to the chance to get a copy of the Ogre game for $100 (and this is a huge box weighing in at around 14 pounds), the campaign has raised enough to meet a number of stretch goals adding more counters and maps to the package already. Also available in addition to the game are a number of t-shirts related to the Ogre and Car Wars games which you can have by supporting at dollar levels far below the cost of getting a full copy of the game.

The $700,000 mark in the project is of particular interest to me because if the Ogre project reaches this level, the company is committing to doing another Kickstarter to bring back the Car Wars game. I’ve been wanting a new release of the Car Wars set for a number of years, and based on what they’ve done with Ogre, I’m really hoping they will do another huge box set as part of that project as well.

Things I would like to see in a Car Wars box set:

  • Rule books
  • Poster sized maps: between 3 and 6, perhaps double sided. I imagine the following terrain types being represented: city, highway, race track, demolition derby arena. A large highway map even larger than poster size from Gaming Paper might be an interesting stretch goal.
  • Cars: Prepainted plastic or resin minis would be the ultimate for me, though that might be another stretch goal type of inclusion. More likely some die cut cars similar to what WizKids did with their Nascar game could be included.
  • Counters: several sheets of counters to represent pedestrians, obstacles, wreckage, etc.
  • Dice
  • Record Sheets: Either printed for photocopying, or erasable, or even an app that allows you to create and track the condition of your car during the game.
  • 3D buildings or Terrain. This would almost certainly be a stretch goal, but would be neat to see a die cut gas station or diner.  Perhaps even a bridge, or cloverleaf in 3D.

I’m sure that Phil Reed and the others at Steven Jackson games probably have even more ideas, but I could really get into the box I’ve described above, so I’m hoping the Ogre project makes it to $700,000 so that in a few months I can support the game I’ve really been waiting for.

So if you’re an Ogre, or a Car Wars fan, head on over to Kickstarter and show some support.

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