Though not an RPG post, since it deals with video games, I thought enough of you like other types of games that it would fit in here too.

Paul John's Life

Through a stroke of luck I recently won an Xbox 360 with Kinect for my family. We’ve owned a Wii for several years, and been very happy with it, but there always seemed to be certain games that wouldn’t come out for the Wii, and were only available on the XBox or PlayStation3.  Though I couldn’t have afforded to purchase this right now, I am glad we’ve gotten it.

So far we have 3 games, all purchased used.

1) Batman: Arkham Asylum. This and Arkham City are the biggest reason I was so happy to get the Xbox. My son and I are both enjoying this game, though I like the sneaking around and being stealthy part of playing, while he prefers jumping in the middle of a bunch of folks and punching and kicking away.

2) Dragon Age: Origins.  I’ve heard good things about this game series…

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