Virtual GenCon Part 1 of ?

Yes, its that time of year again. Gamers are decending upon Indianapolis in droves for the 45th year of GenCon. I won’t be joining in the festivities, but thanks to the joys of the Internet and social networking, those of us stuck at home will have plenty of sources for GenCon news.

Here’s a brief list of some places you can check out to keep up with all the fun:


The hashtag #gencon should provide plenty of information. But here is a short list of folks who’ll be tweeting from the convention.

E. Foley aka Geek’s Dream Girl of

Sages of RPG of Sages of

@WilW aka Wil Wheaton is visiting GenCon again this year, and will almost certainly be sharing his experience online.

@Wizards_DnD the official Wizards of the Coast Twitter feed.


Lots of folks will be posting photos, and wihle some of them will show up in Twitter feeds, other people use Flickr. Here’s a link straight to a GenCon search of Flickr, sorted so the most recent pics appear first.


This Just In From GenCon: 2 podcasts a day, straight from GenCon. They’ve posted a few creator interviews in the days leading up to GenCon that are worth a listen as well!

Wizards of the Coast:

As a Dungeons and Dragons player, of course my focus is on D&D coverage. Wizards of the Coast will be giving the first GenCon keynote address on Thursday at 7 PM eastern, and it looks like it will be livestreamed on the WOTC website.

There’s also an additional link to planned WOTC video and photo coverage at the bottom of that page.

So for the next few days I’ll be keeping my ears to the ground, and if I gather enough additional resources I’ll put together another post and share it here.

If you’ve got a blog, podcast, or other relevant site, leave a comment below and I’ll include you when I add part 2.

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