Virtual GenCon Part 2 of ?

Dungeon Diorama from the Gale Force 9 booth at GenCon. Photo courtesy of @KatoKatonian

Torn between the sadness of not being at the convention, and the joy of being able to enjoy coverage from here in North Carolina thanks to Internet. Lots of jokes about flying cars and rocket packs, but we really are living in the future. Here are a few updates and additions to the Virtual GenCon coverage.


Brian of 2d6 Cents is at the convention, and sharing his experience.

Andrew  Zimmerman Jones of Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature liveblogged the WotC  GenCon keynote yesterday. Hopefully we’ll get a couple more blog posts before the convention ends.

Kevin’s Miniature and Hobby Table posted a great post focused including lots of photos from Day 1, I look forward to reading and seeing more from his blog.

Christian Lindke of Advanced Dungeons and Parenting made an intro post to GenCon, and is planning additional convention posts.

ScrapYard Armory blogging from GenCon with a focus on BattleTech.

Chris Davis of RPGObjects plans on posting from his 21st consecutive GenCon.


Jeff of The Tome Show shared an audio recording of the Wizards of the Coast GenCon Keynote, and will be posting additional podcasts from the convention.

UnderDiscussion: The Undergopher Podcast: Has already posted two episodes live from Inidianapolis.


@GenCon : The official convention feed. Should have been in my initial post. Perhaps I should start writing next year’s post now so I don’t forget things like this.


Scotty’s Brewhouse: This bar/restaurant really gets into the spirit of GenCon. They give away (sell?) dice, and they’ve posted a bunch of pictures on their Facebook page.  In fact, if someone wants to send me one of those dice, I’d be most grateful.


Team Covenant is doing interviews, playing demos, and unboxing new products on their YouTube channel.

Weird Review has posted two interviews from GenCon.

Craven Games also has several videos from the convention posted.

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