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Free Kindle Book of the Week: Challenger RPG a Free Roleplaying Game

I thought this column would mainly be books to read, but while scanning the free Fantasy list for Kindle I stumbled across an RPG. I’ll probably download and skim this, but I don’t get enough playing time already, so I … Continue reading

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Kickstarter of the Week: Eternity Dice

In truth, I could probably list 3-6 Kickstarter projects related to gaming almost every week, but I’m going to limit myself to one. If you REALLY want more Kickstarters to look at, I’ll also be posting a non-gaming Kickstarter of … Continue reading

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Free Book of the Week: Devil’s Lair

Thanks to, and the Kindle, I could probably find enough free books to keep me reading all year, though of course, I still buy plenty of books. Here is a book available for free on Amazon as of Sunday, … Continue reading

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Playing D&D with the Kids

Though I’ve wanted to introduce my kids to Dungeons and Dragons for a long time things just never worked out for it until this weekend.  With little planning or fanfare the kids and I sat down at the table and … Continue reading

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