Free Book of the Week: Devil’s Lair

Thanks to, and the Kindle, I could probably find enough free books to keep me reading all year, though of course, I still buy plenty of books. Here is a book available for free on Amazon as of Sunday, September 9th, 2012. I cannot promise how long it will remain free.

I have not read this yet, but have downloaded with the intent of reading. I’m posting it now because by the time I finish reading it may no longer be free. Keep in mind, you can read this free book without a Kindle using apps for Android, iOS, and PCs.

Devil’s Lair by David Wisehart. Currently rated 4.2 stars out of 5, with 58 reviews on Amazon.  Currently rated 3.7 stars out of 5 on Goodreads.

Amazon’s Description:

Devil’s Lair is an epic fantasy set in Dante’s Inferno.

A medieval knight leads a quest through Hell to recover the Holy Grail from the Devil. The knight, Marco da Roma, is joined by: Giovanni Boccaccio, an expert on Dante; William of Ockham, an English friar; and Nadja, an epileptic with the gift of prophecy. As the Black Death sweeps through Europe, these unlikely heroes confront the Devil–and their own demons–to forestall the Apocalypse.

Goodreads Description:

A thrilling adventure through Dante’s Inferno….

“I’ve battled evil all my life. I’ve wrestled with darkness and demons and monsters beyond measure, in the black forests of Germany and in the troubled hearts of men, for it is there, in the human heart, that evil festers and grows. But evil has a source, and we must find that source: at the bottom of the abyss. We must descend into the Devil’s lair, and penetrate the heart of all evil.”

It is the year of our Lord 1349. The world is dying. The Black Death sweeps through Europe. Apocalypse approaches. The Fourth Horseman rides the Earth…

One hope survives. A vision of the Holy Grail. Stolen by Lucifer, the Grail now lies in the lowest circle of Hell. To save the human race, someone must steal the Grail from the Devil and return it to the world above.

Four pilgrims — a knight, a friar, a poet, and a prophetess — will journey down into Hell to confront their deepest fears…

And the Devil himself.

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