Kickstarter of the Week: Eternity Dice

In truth, I could probably list 3-6 Kickstarter projects related to gaming almost every week, but I’m going to limit myself to one. If you REALLY want more Kickstarters to look at, I’ll also be posting a non-gaming Kickstarter of the week over on my other blog.

This week’s project: Eternity Dice

So sue me, I’m a gamer, and like many gamers I buy far more dice than I really need. This project is for dice made from the lava of Mount Vesuvius by an artisan from Naples, Italy.  Dice will be available in basic D6, Fudge dice, and special Dungeon Map dice to help you randomly design your dungeon.

The project has already reached several stretch goals. People backing at levels receiving 4 or more dice will also recieve a dice bag, and the project is only a few thousand dollars from adding a 5th die for those backers as well.

They’ve also already passed a goal to allow the pips or markings on the dice to be painted “lava-red”.  Remaining stretch goals are: square edges, and a wooden box for the dice.

Kickstarter ends: Saturday Sep 29,  7:01am EDT.

My Plans: I haven’t backed this project, but I plan to back it at the $16.00 level to get myself a single pipped D6, which will mean $26.00 for a single die when I add shipping. That would make it perhaps the most expensive die I own.

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