Free Kindle Book of the Week: Challenger RPG a Free Roleplaying Game

I thought this column would mainly be books to read, but while scanning the free Fantasy list for Kindle I stumbled across an RPG. I’ll probably download and skim this, but I don’t get enough playing time already, so I doubt I’ll give this a test any time soon, but thought perhaps some of my readers would be interested. The description includes the word Free, so I expect this will remain free for quite a while.

Challenger RPG a Free Roleplaying Game by David Dostaler. Official site: Challenger 

Currently rated 3.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. 3.14 out of 5 on Barnes and Noble. 2.5 stars out of 5 on DriveThruRPG. Based on some of the reviews on the book sites, I think people were expecting some sort of game app, and did not understand what an RPG is.

Amazon Description: 

Free, 20+ Races, 36 Classes, 50+ skills including: specific skills, broad skills, power skills, and special ability skills. GM rolls no dice, completely player-driven approach to gaming with a core mechanic using the d20 and set damage ratings for most weapons so combat is faster and more furious than ever before. 2x faster combat than 4E Dungeons and Dragons.

More than 60 Pages of GM advice useable with any system. New rules on stacking monsters, monster subtypes, magic items, a list of monsters for use with Challenger, traps, and rules on non-combat obstacles complete with TN’s.

The rules on Base Skills have been removed and clarified. No more must you roll 75 different base skills to start play. It’s as simple as choosing your skills, classes, race, 5 powers, purchasing equipment and calculating your stats and you’re done!

New rules on armor, equipment, and improved background powers to further detail your character like never before. Crazy races have been ditched and new races combined to make the rules on races simpler, more flexible, and even more entertaining!

You’ll still find the classic traits generator for your character, improved formatting thanks to the masterful Matt Fleming (soon to be included in the game credits) and fantastic artwork by the incomparable L.E.C.D.

Our Other Products

Of Mice Men and Wizards (free in sample)
Challenger: Basic Edition (for new players)
The Vampire War
And more…

You can find a complete list of books by clicking on the link of the author’s name above. Please enjoy the free books!

Our Mission Statement:

Despite the low (or nonexistent) price of this product I’ve invested hundreds (if not thousands) of hours in its production. I’ve flown over 1,500 miles and met countless game designers, playtesters, and fellow gamers such as yourself, and I know Challenger isn’t done yet. There’s still a long way to go but I must thank everyone who helped me. This game would not be what it is today without the invaluable feedback from countless gamers such as yourself. If you have anything at all to say about the game, good or bad, I’d love to hear it. Any critical advice would be even more welcome. Thank you.

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1 Response to Free Kindle Book of the Week: Challenger RPG a Free Roleplaying Game

  1. Dear Mr. PJ Stoneson,

    I’m the author of Challenger RPG. I really appreciate your taking the time to post this article about my game! If you do end up having the time to test it out, I’d very much like to hear what you think of it. It’s only because of the invaluable advice of countless great people such as yourself that Challenger is what it is today. I know it’s not done yet, but I’m willing to put in whatever work, time, and editing is necessary to bring it up to your high quality standards.

    I’m not one of those crazy authors who are unwilling to hear anything bad said about their designs, or who is unwilling to change it. Because of reader and playtester feedback there are new weapon damage rules, new equipment tables, alphabetized sections, clearer power rules, a TOC, and more. It’s all thanks to everyone who helped me out.

    As the author, I’m sometimes too close to my work to see the flaws in it. If you have any tips/advice whatsoever it would be much appreciated. I understand if you’re too busy, I myself have been working overtime lately and it’s tough to fit extra things into a busy schedule.

    All of my contact info is on my website: and I’d love to hear from you if you have the time.

    Thanks so much for the feedback, and taking the time to write about my book. I really appreciate it, and I hope it proves interesting and useful to you in some way.

    Best Regards,

    –David L. Dostaler
    Author, Challenger RPG (free)

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