Virtual GenCon 2014

Kill the die! Yes, this week, gamers invaded Indianapolis for GenCon 2014!

Reading my Twitter feed, I know many of you are already there. Dice rolling, cards flipping, roles playing, friendships forming! I know you’re enjoying an amazing experience. Thanks to the wonderful world of The Internet, those of us stuck at home can share in the enjoyment!  Here are a few links I am using to keep an eye on things:

1) Board Game Geek Livestream: Board Game Geek is providing a stead stream of game demos all day long! Learn about some new games!

2) They’re hosting a number of interviews throughout the day. I’ve been having some trouble with this site, but I keep checking back hoping they’ll get things running smoothly.

3) Twitter!: I’ve seen both #GenCon and #GenCon2014 hashtags. The links will take you straight to a search for those hashtags. I’ve kept both open in separate tabs in my browser.

4) The Escapist: Sharing some articles and news from GenCon.

5) YouTube: Lots of sites and people posting videos to YouTube. My link takes you to a search for GenCon sorted with the most recent uploads first.

6) GenCant: Tries to help those of us stuck at home get as much fun out of the convention weekend as those who made it to Indianapolis.

7) Ennies: The Ennies will broadcast Saturday Friday night on Ustream at 6:30 7:00. Watch your favorite creators and games getting recognized.

I know there are many other bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, and more sharing information from the convention, so feel free to leave a link in the comments to additional sites that would be of interest to all of us who could not make the journey this year.

And safe travels to all!


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